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Artwat is a group of international, multidisciplinary artists based in Berlin. Drawing on our backgrounds in theatre, live art, installation, movement and immersive performance, we have been exploring ways to develop intimacy, play and connection in a disconnected city. At our studio space in Wedding, we have come together to curate the 'Abstand Bitte' performance series for Berlin's 2021 Performing Arts Festival (May 25-29).

You'll find footage from the festival on our performance page and you can listen to the Resonance FM show we hosted for Bears at a Picnic which gives an overview of the festival, an insight into the history of Spinner und Weber plus interviews with Gob Squad's Sarah Thom and Forced Entertainment's Robin Arthur. As pandemic restrictions lift and the city comes back to life, we invite you to keep in touch with us as we continue to make experimental, playful performance and start opening the space up for live events. 


Upcoming Events


How to find us

Based in the studio Spinner und Weber (Kulturhaus & Galerie) 
Brüsselerstraße 37
Berlin 13353

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